In March 2016, the Espinosa family from Jerez acquired the Bodega, establishing ‘Bodegas y Viñedos Díez-Mérito’ and setting up the company as an entity of its own by adding new vineyards and Bodegas of solemn presence, as Bertemati, majestic building dating back to 1760 and Bodega “El Cuadro”, in which the wisdom of Sherry permeates every corner. You can enjoy this beautiful sanctuaries to taste our wines, amaze with the arcs and vaults of our different Bodegas where our Sherry wines rest and age silently, the patios and gardens which oxygenate through their doors and windows our ‘criaderas and soleras‘, and smell and feel the intense power of our prestigious Amontillado “Fino Imperial”, one of the oldest wines in the world, whose ‘Solera’ dates back to 1876.

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