This wine has its origins in the old Bodegas Bertola, established in 1919.

A very complex wine that combines the delicate aroma of Amontillado and the vigorous taste of the Oloroso.

It comes from the finest most, supplemented with alcohol up to 15º (encabezado) and identified with a unique vertical line in the cask.

After the biological stage (sobretablas) some of these marked casks may be recognized by the oenologist as having special characteristics that make them favorable candidates to become ‘Palo Cortado’ (hence its name, literally meaning in Spanish ‘crossed line’, as such is the mark done horizontally to the vertical line previously made on the cask to identify the candidates).

Those exceptional casks are then supplemented again up to 17º to redirect them to an oxidative aging.

Tone color transitioning from walnut to mahogany, this Sherry’s nose presents a wide variety of nuances, harmonically marrying the notes from Amontillado and Oloroso, but also adding some citrus (like marmalade orange) and lactic ones (like fermented butter), making the final result more rounded and smooth.

It is a 12 years old wine perfect for slow tasting and its strong structure makes it resistant over months after opening.

  • Wine class: Generous wine
  • Wine type: Jerez Palo Cortado
  • Grape: Palomino Fino.
  • Soil: Albariza soil Jerez Superior.
  • Aging:  12 years oxidative.
  • Age: More than 12 years, under the ‘Soleras y criaderas’ system.
  • Wood: 500 liter American oak casks
  • Alcohol: 18%.
  • Color: Amber tending to Mahogany.
  • Nose: Sharp, profound, nutty with citric and lactic nuances.
  • Taste: Smooth and light.
  • Temperature: Serve at 14º C. approx.
  • Food pairing:  Nuts, cured cheese and concentrated consommés, stews or gelatinous meats as cow or bull’s tail.