This wine has its origins in the old Bodegas Bertola, established in 1919.

Elaborated from Palomino grapes must, supplemented to 15º of alcohol (encabezado) and then aged biologically under a velum produced by yeast (the so-called ‘flor’) in American oak casks under the ‘Soleras y Criaderas’ system, that adds fruity aromas and light taste to the wine.

It is then aged oxidatively to 17º giving the roundness of taste and nose.

The Sherry is completed with the addition of a pinch of Pedro Ximenez that will give it the characteristic sweetness of Medium wines.


  • Wine class: Generous liqueur wine
  • Wine type: Jerez Medium
  • Grape: Palomino and Pedro Ximenez
  • Soil: Albariza soil, Jerez Superior.
  • Aging:  Biologic, under a velum produced by yeast, the so-called ‘flor’. Afterwards Oxidative.
  • Age: More than 8 years, under the ‘Soleras y criaderas’ system.
  • Wood: 500 liter American oak casks
  • Alcohol: 17%.
  • Color: Amber to Mahogany.
  • Nose: Slightly sharp, fruity and sweet.
  • Taste: Slightly sharp, delicate and sweet.
  • Temperature: Serve between 15 and 18º C. approx.
  • Foodpairing: Game or red meats, ham and very cured cheese.