93 Points by Robert Parker- WINE ADVOCATE

This wine’s aging has its origins in the old Bodegas ‘DIEZ HERMANOS”, established in 1.876.

From the very first moment it was decided to use an oxidative process to 17º of alcohol (encabezado) , thus avoiding the emergence of the velum produced by yeast, the so-called ‘flor’. In permanent contact with the air, alcohol naturally reaches 20º by evaporation and oxidation resulting in a special, truly surprising Sherry wine. During the aging it naturally obtains darker color tones, starting from amber and progressing to a intense mahogany. This VORS sherry has a powerful and profound nose, with plenty of vanilla and nutty overtones. The taste is warm, rounded and silky.

  • Wine class: Generous wine
  • Wine type: Jerez Oloroso
  • Grape: Palomino
  • Soil: Albariza soil, Jerez Superior.
  • Aging:  Oxidative.
  • Age: More than 30 years, under the ‘Soleras y criaderas’ system.
  • Wood: 600 liter American oak casks
  • Alcohol: 20%.
  • Color: Amber to intense mahogany
  • Nose: Very Intense.
  • Taste: Smooth and sweet, full and vigorous.
  • Temperature: Serve at 16º C. approx.
  • Foodpairing:  Game or red meats, ham and very cured cheese.