Herbal liqueur ‘OTAOLA’ is manufactured by craftsmen in the authentic ‘home-made’ traditional style.

Elaborated by a careful selection of natural alcohol and the best ‘Galician ‘Orujo’ spirits, it is brought down to 30º by the addition of demineralized water and sugar syrup, then mixed with a selection of natural extracts of aromatic herbs and finally rests for 60 days.

Color is bright light green, nose is candied fruit and taste is well balanced, sweet and fruity.

  • Fruit type: Macerated Herbs
  • Rest time: 60 days
  • Alcohol: 30%.
  • Color: Bright light green.
  • Nose: Candied fruit.
  • Taste: Sweet liquor candy and fruity.
  • Bottle: 100 cl
  • Temperature: Serve at 3º C. approx.
  • Foodpairing: After meals and as a night drink.