‘Pacharan’ is a sloe berry flavored liqueur made by soaking the fruits in anisette for three to five months.

After this, the fruits are removed and natural extract of anise and syrup is added.

The objective is to obtain color, taste and scent of the blackthorn fruit. The process produces a light sweet reddish-brown liquid around 25-30% in alcohol.

Pacharan Otaola is a unique well balanced blended liqueur, that concentrates the taste of anise and sloe fruit. We recommend to enjoy it cold, with or without ice.

  • Fruit type: Sloe (Blackberry) fruits
  • Maceration: 3 to 5 months
  • Alcohol: 25%.
  • Color: Sloan to mahogany.
  • Nose: Macerated sloe and anise.
  • Taste: Intense sloe and anisette, but well balanced and pleasant.
  • Bottle: 100 cl
  • Temperature: Serve at 5º C. approx.
  • Foodpairing: After meals.