This Brandy ‘Soleras and Criaderas’ date back to 1915 from the Bodegas Marqués del Mérito.

It is obtained by distilling musts of quality to produce the best wine spirit.

Then it is aged for more than 1 year in previously used Oloroso casks of Sherry, using the ‘Soleras and Criaderas’ system.


  • Brandy type: Solera
  • Grape: Palomino and Airen
  • Soil: Clays
  • Aging:  Oxidative.
  • Age: More than 1 year medium, under the ‘Soleras y criaderas’ system.
  • Wood: 500 liter American oak casks
  • Alcohol: 36%.
  • Color: Golden Amber.
  • Nose: Intense with nuances of vanilla and toasted pastry.
  • Taste: Balanced, tasty and spirit like.
  • Temperature: Serve at 10º C. approx.
  • Foodpairing: After meals as a long drink, combined with Tonic, Cola or Cocoa.